Brand Story

The essence of all beauty comes from nature.

We pursue natural beauty.
So, our brand name "TNB" stands for THE NATURE BEAUTY.

We are manufacturing fashionable eyelash products and pigments of semi-permanent make up for this concept.
Semi-permanent make-up and eyelash extension make natural eyes, eyes with volume, attractive eyes.

We will do our best for beautiful and attractive eyes.


Welcome to our shopping mall.
Since 2001, Our company is TNB Cosmetic Co.,Ltd. and located in South Korea.
We are a company specialized in manufacturing eyelashes and pigment for semi-permanent make up.

This website is a specialized mall for B2B.
Therefore, we will give prompt and accurate answers to OEM and ODM inquiries to your email.

Also, we always welcome B2C visits.
If you want to order big quantity, send us to our e-mail for your request.
We will give quotation including shipping cost by EMS, DHL, UPS. It depends on your selection.

We are manufacturing the best quality false eyelashes such as flat lashes, silk lash, mink lash, 
3D lashes, color lashes, two tone lashes, neon color lashes, volume lashes(3D~5D)
Especially, Natural eyelashes such as 100% Real Mink fur lashes, Weasel lashes. 
How about testing for quality, first of all ?

In addition, TNB Pigments for make up have the following advantages : 
1. It is the safe pigment. We had tested in Korea(KTR), Germany(Derma Test),
China(Guang Dong Foods & Cosmetics Testing Center)
2. We made from the best raw materials to use Made in Germany, Made in USA.
3. It is a pigment made from natural raw materials harmless to human body.
4. It is excellent tinting strength, good color strength and easy discoloration
5. There is no aggregation phenomenon. Because it is high-density micro particles.
6. We can express accurate colors in 27 various colors.

We also have training programs on eyelash extensions and semi-permanent make up techniques.
If you are interested in educational programs, please contact us by email
We will give a detailed guide about it.

Thank you for your visiting to our website.
Have a great day!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When will delivery begin?
-> After your payments, the products will be shipped from the next day when we have in stock as like small order.
If you order big quantity, we start manufacturing after your payments. 

2. What is the minimum order quantity?
-> They are more than 10 pcs for small order.
If you want to get big order, We inform to your email details.

3. What is shipping cost?
-> Free shipping by EMS air express when you are purchasing 10 pcs or more.
If you order big order, We send to your email each prices and total prices.

4. What is the shipping methods?
-> Shipping is by air express such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedes, TNT Economy, etc.

5. How long is the estimated delivery time after purchase?
-> It may vary from country to country, but it usually takes about 5~7 days for EMS.
Customs clearance may take more time. It depends on customs by their country.

6. How do I contact an OEM or bulk purchase (Big order)?
-> Please contact us to our email and we will reply as soon as possible
Our email address is

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▶ e-mail address :
▶ phone number : +82-10-3782-7711
▶ Address : #309 Naver City B/D, 1145-2 Jung-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
▶ Zip Code : 14548

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Photos of our Factory

Manufacturing Factory for Toray Flat Noble eyelash and Black Cherry Flat eyelash

Manufacturing Factory for Silk eyelash, Silk eyelash, Color eyelash, Neon color eyelash, Two tone eyelash, volume eyelash

Manufacturing Factory for strip eyelash of Flare eyelash, Individual eyelash, 3D eyelash