Siberian Weasel eyelash for Natural eyelashes / 100% Real Weasel fur eyelash for false eyelash extension


Curl : A(J)/B(JC)/C/D(CC)/D+/L/L+
Length(mm) : 7~15mm

Conditions : FOB Price

MOQ : 100

Price : $8.50

Supply Ability : 100,000 pcs / month

Port : ICN (KOREA)

Payment Terms : T/T, Paypal, Western Union

Delivery Time : 4~6 days by Air express (EMS,DHL,UPS)

    What is the Natural eyelash?                                                                          

Siberian Weasel Lash / 100% Weasel Fur eyelash

1. There is an advantage that it is lighter because of the product of natural Siberian Weasel fur.

2. It is also very good adhesion and retention at the same time, due to the protein structure of human eyelashes.

3. Product of synthetic fiber eyelash has a difficulty in cleansing to makeup.
That is not natural shine. Due to the finishing surface treatment

4. However, natural hair extensions are the same firmness, texture like a human hair.
- It has a rich, generous and gloss.
- There is no difficulty when makeup
- This has the advantage of easy cleansing.

     Features of this product                                                                                

 It is 100% natural Weasel fur.
 It is most similar to get elasticity, texture, glossy of human hair.
 It is different from the material of PBT.
 It has a cuticles layer and protein structure like a human hair.
 So, It is more longer lasting, excellent retention and endurance when you attach these lashes.
▶ After attached these eyelashes, there is no more feeling of wearing and irritation
Therefore, eyes are so comfortable

    Information of this eyelashes                                                                            

◐ Types of Curl : A(J) / B(JC) / C D(CC) / D+ / L / L+

◐ Thickness (mm) : Normally 0.12~0.15mm 

◐ Length (mm)
    - Single length : 7mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm / 11mm / 12mm / 13mm / 14mm / 15mm
    - Mixed lentth : 7~15mm

    Shipping, Payment, OEM/ODM                                                                          

◐ Shipping Information

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as long as your country has no other circumstances 
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Request us DHL or UPS express to our email, we will infrom extra cost.

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- If you want OEM or ODM, will give you all working process and prices

◐ Payment

T/T (Bank Transfer) 
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- Paypal 
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- It is possible to make your own private label.
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    Photos for Siberian Weasel eyelash                                                                    

    Reviews of after applying                                                                                   

id : hana5020 
I also admire it when I first touched it, it was soft and luxurious.
After the procedure, I showed a mirror and it was natural and light.
It seemed that the weasel was much smoother and more luxurious than the mink.
I'm looking forward to maintaining a natural and lightweight weasel!

id : Jaey3416

I attached it to my regular customers
It's only 11mm in c-curl.

It is really soft and perfect.
Natural eyelashes are some defective, so you have to consider them.
This product is good because it has a low defect rate


id : omr81 

First of all, it's really lightweight and natural without any foreign material.
I used c-curls 9, 10, 11, and 12 mm
The natural eyelash is a cuticle layer and has a long holding power.
Thank you for having a good product experience!

id : tkfkd0729 
I have done the procedure with 11mm.
I tried to put two strands instead of one strand.
I think it's too natural for you.
Our guests prefer to have a lot of hair on their eyebrows. ^^;
Finally the guests respond ..
It's really lightweight,
It seems that the period is long ..

id : vip201 
It's not a free experience but I like to share it with many people.
Once the volume lash is very good. Light and soft
Nowadays, the Russian volume is fashionable.
Our eyebrows are so beautiful that our customers are very satisfied ~ ~
I ordered a mix to experience it, but it's really a good lash.


id : barbie325

For those who have thin or weak eyelashes, we recommend a natural, feather-like natural lash.
There is no artificial feeling when the end of the hair is treated naturally
It seems to be a very satisfied product for customers who want naturalness.
Because it is too light after the applying.
All customers are satisfied


id : beautygirl

It looks as light as a human eyelashes
Everyone liked it


id : newsmaker0116 
The weasel lashes were very thin and natural.
Certainly, when you use black glamor, you know that those who have done bad things with the Z character on the glue buried root.

It was very very extensible like my eyebrows.
These natural eyelashes are good for those who like their eyelashes very thin or natural.

id : akalgml01 
If it is expressed in a word, it is dark and light!
Beautiful eyebrows with a natural feel
The guests were very satisfied too ~
Though it is one kind of thickness, it is unavoidable due to natural eyelashes.
You've been out for a week, and it's very good.
Retention power top !!!

    Photos of manufacturing Factory